Huevember #7-12

Back with some more Huevember pictures!

7. Zachary Evans.

The  resident bully of Royal Queen Academy. Seems like this rich boy is  hiding a more sinister self under all that bravado. He loves to egg  people on just to elicit a reaction but what is he really planning?

8. Dagda Lefwin, Virtus Warrior.

Ever cheerful and always ready to lend a helping hand. Dagda is a rebel  warrior who prefers to use his healing hands but is still pretty handy  in a fight.

9. Sunita Mishra.

This quiet and somewhat timid young woman is always underestimated by all  except her friends. Extremely clever and quick to learn new skills, Sunita’s desire to help the ones she loves will eventually lead to her  greatest strength.

10. Adelaide Lefwin.

One of the Virtus Warriors, this Fire Elemental is as fierce as she is  adorable. She tends to speak before thinking which has been known to get  her in trouble from time to time.

11. Pyrrhus Eld Von Brandt.

Lord of the Fire Province. Pyrrhus has no taste for Court life and will  avoid going to the Castle at all costs. Beloved by his people this  leader spends all his energy attempting to regain the Fire Elemental’s  homeland from the Wraith invasion.

12. Azar Cináed.

Brash, flirtatious, and always ready for a fight, Azar uses the element of  fire for his attacks. He and Maya are on a secret mission to protect  Diana, but from what exactly?