Huevember 2022 (1-6)

I wanted to take part in this year’s Huevember (Hue November) drawing challenge. Each person is a character in the Fragmented Dreams webcomic and books! I started writing little blurbs for each person and they have gotten more detailed as time goes on. I’ve developed a lot of lore and characters for the series that may or may not appear in the comic, but I wanted to draw them for the prompt.

Day 1: Dorothea the Elder God.

She is the creator of the Universe and the first of all gods.

Day 2: Aelieus the Sun God.

God of Healing the Son of the Sky and Fire.

Day 3: Ime.

Master of the bow and second in command of the rebels. Ime was once the bodyguard to Princess Aurora.

Day 4: Alastar the Forest Prince.

He is the protector of  the Sacred Forest and the husband of Selene. Diana sees him die in her  dreams night after night, but what caused his death?

Day 5: Casimir  Reynolds.

The mysterious boy who was hired to work on Hartmann Farms. What secrets is he hiding and why does he appear in Diana’s dreams?

Day 6: Savas the God of War and Punishment.

Savas is the Twin Brother of Baris but they are as different as Night and Day.