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Fragmented Dreams

Plagued by never-ending nightmares and cursed with a mysterious ability to sense others’ emotions, 19-year-old Diana Massey is no stranger to the peculiar. Bizarre events start piling up when a young man named Casimir comes to live at her family farm. Shadowy monsters and magical warriors are just the beginning in this epic fantasy and romance novel!

Fragmented Dreams: Magical Past


After her battle at the Crescent Club 20-Year-Old Diana Massey is ready for her life to go back to normal. Or as normal as your life can be when you are the reincarnation of a princess from another world with monster-summoning blood. Diana delves deeper into her past lives, newly found magical powers, and the meaning of her dreams all while avoiding the monsters lurking in the shadows.  During her struggles, Diana finds herself being torn from the life she loves as she watches her past trauma hinder her future, her friendships, and even her budding love life.