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The Story so far…

Diana Massey is a somewhat aimless 19-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to finish High School and figure out her place in the world. Unfortunately for Diana, she has been gifted with empathy powers that allow her to sense the emotions of others and if that wasn’t bad enough she suffers from repetitive nightmares which have been causing her insomnia.

For years Diana has lived with her adopted grandfather, George Hartmann in a remote town in the mountains, struggling to get by as she is haunted by these cryptic dreams. Everything seemed fine until the arrival of the mysterious Casimir, a family friend who has come to learn how to run a farm. Now what little peace Diana had is crumbling as some real-life, monstrous stalkers close in around her threatening what little peace our heroine has.

As the veil of secrets is slowly being lifted around Diana, it won’t be long until her dreams become her new reality.



Sleep-deprived and somewhat grumpy due to her never-ending nightmares, Diana’s only wish is to graduate high school with her friends and not be a burden to her adopted grandfather. Diana thinks of her dreams as nothing more than a product of her overactive imagination, that is until the monsters she sees while she sleeps suddenly become real.


The mysterious happy-go-lucky boy who was hired to work at Hartmann Farms. Casimir seems to be good at almost everything he does, whiches causes Diana some suspicion. Easily flustered when asked anything personal Casimir seems to be hiding some darker secrets behind his smile.


A seemingly humble apple farmer from the small town of Mandeville. George, better known as Grandpa, adopted Diana after her parents died in a tragic car accident. Since the adoption, he has done his best to protect Diana from whatever dangers she may face.


Brash, flirtatious, and always ready for a fight, Azar uses the element of fire for his attacks. He and Maya are on a secret mission to protect Diana, but from what exactly? Azar is never one to hold back his thoughts even if they might hurt others.


Gifted with seemingly endless enthusiasm and energy, Maya is a bubbly and helpful Lunar-aligned Fae who prefers to use water magic. Maya was more than happy to join Azar in his quest to protect Diana, especially since it meant visiting new places. Don’t let Maya’s childlike attitude fool you, they are a fierce warrior who has more than a few tricks up their sleeve.


Known for her many pairs of fashionable eyeglasses, her love of all media, and her green thumb, Zola is a woman of many hobbies. Outspoken on all topics, Zola is not one to hold her tongue. Her determination, warmth, and humor are admired by all her friends.


This quiet and somewhat timid young woman is always underestimated by all except her friends. Extremely clever and quick to learn new skills, Sunita’s desire to help the ones she loves will eventually lead to her greatest strength.


Zachary Evans, the resident bully of Royal Queen Academy. Seems like this rich boy is hiding a more sinister self under all that bravado. He loves to egg people on just to elicit a reaction but what is he really planning?


Hello, I’m T.A. Teufel and I enjoy comics, toys, and other nerdy stuff. When I’m not making comics, I’m probably writing books or playing animal crossing. I started this comic with my partner H.W. Hall who still helps me edit stories, makes me 3D models, and gives me support.

I also work on a second comic that is very dear to my heart called “It’s Okay to Like Girls” which you can find on webtoons.