Huevember #25-30

The final group!!

Day 25: George “Grandpa” Hartmann.

A  seemingly humble apple farmer from the small town of Mandeville.  George, better known as Grandpa, adopted Diana after her parents died in  a tragic car accident. Since the adoption, he has done his best to  protect Diana from whatever dangers she may face.

Day 26:  Zola Horton.

Known  for her many pairs of fashionable eyeglasses, her love of all media,  and her green thumb, Zola is a woman of many hobbies. Outspoken on all  topics, Zola is not one to hold her tongue. Her determination, warmth,  and humor are admired by all her friends.

Day 27: Temperance Lum, Virtus Warrior.

Strong,  silent, and level-headed, Temperance is an Elemental who can harness  the power of earth. She helps coordinate the day-to-day activities and  missions for the rebel camp, working alongside Ime.

Day 28: Ihsan, Virtus Warrior.

Crass,  matter-of-fact, and fond of sarcasm, this Wind Elemental isn’t one to  make many friends. Ihsan is a spellweaver who makes talismans for the  rebels. He lost his eyesight at a very young age but quickly learned to  use his wind powers to help navigate the world around him.

Day 29: Faul.

Master of  poisons and potions, Faul spends most of his days researching with  Caron. Not a fan of conversation, or most people in general, Faul isn’t  one for the pomp and circumstance of castle life. Although he is a  skilled water magic user, this Elemental doesn’t like fighting. He  prefers using poison over getting his hands dirty in any battle.

Day 30: Ren.

The  mysterious, crying stranger from Diana’s dreams. Not much is known about  this man who claims his name is Casimir Ren. He seems aloof and  uncaring but is that his true self?