Huevember #19-24

Day 19: Selene, the Scarlet Bride. 

Fated to walk down the aisle but never obtain her happily ever after. Selene  is a gentle soul who loves nature, and always dreamed of finding a place where she could truly belong. Fate brought her and Alastar together,  but it wouldn’t be long until a tragedy tore them apart.

Day 20: Dorothy Triggs. 

Known to all her friends as Dottie or Dot, this cheerful and somewhat  forgetful spellweaver is always happy to help her fellow rebel warriors  with whatever magical garments they might need. Despite her tendency to  ramble, Dorothy is passionate about speaking her mind and believes  deeply in the good the rebels can do for the people of Terra.

Day 21: Alpheus, the Dark Prince. 

The adopted son of King Ratimir and the leader of the High Council. Since  his childhood, Alpheus was raised to rule over the kingdom of Eirene.  Quiet, calculating, and fond of order, Alpheus hides many secrets but  what is the truth behind his enigmatic smile.

Day 22: Day 22: Baris the God of Peace and Judgement. 

He is the god who judges all mortals. Will you spend an eternity in the  promised lands or be doomed to return to the mortal realm to atone for  your sins? Baris is calm, cool, and collected. He despises having to  fight and would rather use his brains to outwit any opponent.

Day 23: Maayan the Water Fairy. 

Gifted with a seemingly endless enthusiasm and energy, Maya is a bubbly and  helpful Lunar-aligned Fae who prefers to use water magic. Maya was more  than happy to join Azar in his quest to protect Diana, especially since  it meant visiting Earth. Don’t let Maya’s childlike attitude fool you,  they are a fierce warrior who has more than a few tricks up their  sleeve.

Day 24: Ajax, the Enforcer. 

Stoic and reserved, this Earth Elemental is never one to talk about himself.  He grew up at the palace in Eirene becoming fast friends with Prince  Alpheus, but not much is known about his personal life. Ajax is one of  the strongest warriors in the kingdom, winner of the Battle Tournament  for the last 4 years.