Huevember #13-18

Back with another round!

Day 13; Calliope.

Master of wind magic, the ever-aloof Calliope is quick to act and a loyal  warrior to those to whom she pledges her allegiance. She shares a past  with Azar, but will never speak upon it, even when pressed.

Day 14; Caron.

Genius  inventor and the head of the Prince’s business on Earth. Caron is never  one to mince his words to spare anyone’s feelings. Caron’s lust for  knowledge is unmatched by all except one, his mentor, Savio.

Day 15; Cal Triggs. 

Master  Armorsmith and Rekuikkel (Spellweaver) Cal is a man of few words,  unless provoked. He has a sharp tongue and would prefer to avoid  violence at all costs. Cal is a spy for the rebel forces, along with his  wife Dorothy, using their spellweaving business as a cover to help in  the fight.

Day 16; Princess Taya. 

Second  Princess of the Kingdom of Eirene. Taya is somewhat rash and always  looking for adventure despite her family’s protests. Diana sees Taya die  in her dreams almost every night, but what is their connection?

Day 17; Luna, Goddess of the Moon. 

Known  as the weeping woman to Diana, this silver beauty seems to be running  from someone or something. Every dream ends in her imprisonment but for  what reason, and why does Diana see her in her dreams?

Day 18; Diana Massey. 

Plagued  by never-ending nightmares and cursed with a mysterious ability to  sense others’ emotions, 19-year-old Diana Massey is no stranger to the  peculiar. Bizarre events start piling up when a young man named Casimir  comes to live at her family farm. Shadowy monsters and magical warriors  are just the beginning as the secrets of the second world, hidden around  Diana, begin to unravel before her eyes.