Spooky Portrait Collab

Here is the final video for the collaboration I was working on!! The music is so chilling, I love it. Happy Halloween everyone!

Animation and editing by BluMouse creator of Light within Shadow

Check out the other creators in the collab!
Sagacious Deific by SNBX
The Boy Who Waves at Dragons by Gintoki23
Mahou Shounen Fight! by ScuttlebuttInk
The Legend of the White Wolf by FrecklesnSpeckles

Halloween 2023: Beetlejuice

Iiiiiiiiit’s showtime!! Check out Zach and Diana as Beetlejuice and Lydia from the animated series. For a while now I have wanted to draw Diana as Lydia but I didn’t think Casimir fit the role of BJ until it suddenly hit me… Zachary. He seems a little too into it. XD

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!!