Halloween Collab 2022

Happy Halloween~!

Time for another webcomic Halloween party. Check out all these fun costumes and cool webtoon series. Special shout out to Jehded Waffles, Jellyfish From Mars, and Blumouse for their help with the collab.

I added a fun extra version of Casimir and Diana together in the same picture, because they looked too cute in their matching outfits NOT to be together.


List of comics~!

Voice of the Siren by Jehded Waffles
The Pretenders by Lunchspecial
Latera by Spectra
The Boy Who Waves at Dragons by Gintoki23
Light within Shadow by BluMouse
Sagacious Deific by SNBX
I See Through You by Fossilized Nara
Lost Grace: The BL Side by DarkAlice30
Jelly Vs Julie by Jellyfish from Mars
The Legend of the White Wolf by FrecklesnSpeckles
Earthshine by MissMisery8