Book Ads (Textless) Chapters 1-14

Since I’m on Hiatus for the comic I thought I might share some of the book ads I made that went in the front of each chapter of the book. I stopped at chapter 14 because that is where we currently are in the comic, so no spoilers here! (Unless you haven’t read all the comic.) 

It is interesting how my ideas for a scene change over time. I actually started making these ads around chapter 12! So the ones before this are all me redrawing scenes from the comic in the book style. It makes me wanna go back and reboot the first 10 episodes but I can’t do that to my readers. XD I just wanna move forward.

The biggest change is Azar and Maya’s outfits for the farmer’s market. I described them totally differently in the book. Azar in a peacoat and Maya in a plaid dress, but upon creating the outfits I realized I did NOT want to draw a plaid dress for the next 10 chapters, so I swapped Maya’s plaid for polka dos. I also wanted to give Maya more of a non binary clothing look for the series.

When I get farther in the comic I’ll share the next set of book ads for ya’ll~!

Until then, have a great day.