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Sneek Peek of Anime Collab Art!

Joined an anime collab on Facebook and decided on drawing Sailor Moon, since it was one of the first anime I ever saw and it really inspired me to make my own comics. I tried to draw a Sailor Scout group but realized Maayan wouldn’t be in the series when the collab was due so decided to just Diana and Casimir and I couldn’t be happier. Usagi and Mamoru was my first anime ship and seeing my characters dressed as them makes me weirdly happy.

Thus it begins!

My Patreon is now live! My heart goes out to everyone who encouraged me to start this journey. Looking forward to creating more art and sharing it with everyone in the future.
Art notes: This picture of Maayan was made using Adorkastock as a base.

Hello world!

Fragmented Dreams has a new home! I’m working on getting all the episodes up on the site as well as illustrations, character sheets, and exclusive Patreon content.!